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5 Cocktail Party Themes That Will Wow Your Guests

You know the feeling when you have a cocktail that’s so good it transports you to a different place? Maybe it’s a classic drink you love made so well you have to take a moment to savour it. Or maybe it’s a new recipe that is so delicious you can’t believe you’ve never tried it before. Or maybe it was a drink at a cocktail party that was so much fun it’s planted in your memory forever.

That’s the kind of experience you can offer your friends and family by hosting your own cocktail event. Try these five cocktail party themes at your next in-person or virtual gathering.

1. I Spy a Cocktail

Let’s be honest, at one point or another, we all wanted to grow up being spies. Well, here is the chance to do so.

Host a spy-themed cocktail party inspired by your favourite secret agents, from classic literature to television and films.

Have everyone dress up as a famous spy. You’ll get classics like James Bond and George Smiley. Or a few who are famous in popular culture like Angelina Jolie’s Mrs Smith or Jason Bourne.

If you have a funny group of friends, you may even find a Perry the Platypus or one of the Totally Spies in attendance.

Have your friends come with their best spy gear and try activities like getting through a laser maze. Everyone can take their turn trying to solve a secret cypher.

At the end of the night, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to try making a classic martini in honour of, arguably, the world’s most famous spy.

2. A Trip to the Islands

Warm sunny beaches, sand beneath your toes, and palm trees swaying in the wind is many people’s idyllic vacation spot. But sometimes, heading to your dream tropical destination may be a difficult getaway.

Bring the islands to you and your guest without having to hop on a flight across the world. Try transforming your garden with a few palm trees, torches, and lanterns. Have ocean-themed decorations and a surfboard or two.

Your guest can come in anything that feels beachy to them, from floral printed shirts to floral sundresses. If you have a pool, tell your guest to bring their bathing suits.

Beach and island-themed parties allow you to have a lot of creativity with the menu. Here’s your chance to try a new seafood recipe or go with classics like sushi and shrimp cocktail.

Got a sweet tooth? Use graham crackers to make sand on desserts. And try using fresh fruits for the feelings of the tropics.

Explore tropical flavours with island-themed cocktails. Our grapefruit spritz cocktail kit will be the perfect drink to sip all night long, but to keep it on theme go the Zombie bottled cocktails for an authentic tiki vibe.

3. Cosy Coffeehouse

Who doesn’t love the feeling of curling up in cosy clothes and reading their favourite book? Recreate that feeling by hosting your own coffeehouse cocktail party.

This is a great theme if you’re hosting a virtual cocktail party because it won’t require much setup. All you need to do is recreate the feeling of gathering at your favourite coffee shop.

Make your coffeehouse cocktail night a book club meeting. Share your thoughts on a book you’ve all read together and have a thought-provoking discussion.

Have a lot of talented friends? Host a coffeehouse talent night. Let your friends step up and share their new music, poetry or art as everyone sips delicious cocktails and admires their work.

Can’t get enough coffee in your regular daily cup? Our espresso martini cocktail kit is exactly what you’re missing in your life.

4. An Evening in Paris

They say there’s nothing more romantic than an evening in Paris. It is, after all, the city of love. Bring that feeling right into your garden when you host a romantic dinner party and cocktail event for you and a couple of friends.

A nice sit-down dinner where everyone gets dressed up is a fun way to have a quiet, intimate evening with the people closest to you. Host your evening in the back garden and transform the space with twinkling white lights.

Prepare a French-inspired meal with dishes like coq au vin, Boursin-stuffed chicken, or steak with garlic and chive butter. Don’t forget the delicious French desserts like crêpes, macarons, and an apple tart.

Enjoy good company, good food, and good conversation as if you were in a bistro on Boulevard Beaumarchais.

Taste a classic from 1920s Paris when you try our Boulevardier cocktail making kit.

5. Classic Murder Mystery

One question: Who done it? That’s for the murderer to know and for you to find out. Hopefully, before they’re able to strike again!

A murder mystery is one of the most classic and a favourite themed parties for a reason. They offer a bit of challenge, and guests will have lots of fun trying to figure out what killer walks among you.

And the best news as a host is that planning a party with a murder mystery is pretty easy. You’ll need a theme like the traditional old manor or wild west. Then assign roles to your guests and give them the character information.

All that’s left is to plan a menu and decorate your space. Try choosing food and drinks that stick to the theme to keep everyone in attendance in the fictional world.

If you’re looking for guidance on hosting a murder mystery, there are great step-by-steps plans you can consult. You may even want to try a murder mystery box if it’s your first time.

Set the mood for an old school mystery by drinking a classic cocktail. Try making the beloved Old Fashioned cocktail kit.

Cocktail Party Themes You Have to Try

It’s time to gather your friends and family and have a unique cocktail tasting party. Trying new Aussie spirits and mixing up new recipes is a fantastic way to get outside your comfort zone and create some fun memories.

Go virtual by using a video call or safely gather in person. However you host, make sure you have a few delicious drinks for all of your guests to try. Or bring out the bartender in you and try making these new drinks together.

Need some drink inspiration? Try a few of our cocktail kits or bottled cocktails that bring the bar quality cocktails right to your home.


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