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Sip on Bliss: 6 Reasons Why Cocktail Lover’s Need This Espresso Martini Kit

Ahh, the infamous espresso martini. A drink with roots in London but much loved in Australian bars across the country, it’s Melbourne’s most ordered cocktail.

It was inevitable the espresso martini would become such a beloved cocktail in Oz. With our love of coffee and world-class coffee culture, the logical next step was to combine coffee and booze.

Making the perfect espresso is no mean feat, though. Finding that perfect balance of bitter and sweetness is an art.

An espresso martini kit with high-quality ingredients and the exact quantities of each ingredient will enable you to create the best espresso martini you’ve ever tasted.

Want to know the secrets for the perfect espresso martini recipe and master the art of this classic cocktail?

Keep reading to learn how to mix a cocktail like a pro.

Espresso Martini History

The first espresso martini was made in a Soho bar in London, England. There’s a famous story about a bartender named Dick Bradsell. He invented the drink for a lady who walked into his bar and asked for something that would ‘wake me up and f*ck me up’.

Fun fact – this lady was a supermodel who went on to achieve worldwide fame, but Dick has never disclosed who it was.

It was the 1980s; the drink du jour was vodka. Dick was standing close to the espresso machine; he ingeniously decided to combine the vodka with the espresso, a bit of sugar syrup to sweeten it up. And thus, our favourite drink was born.

Before long, the drink became sought after in bars across the UK. Then, it made its way to Australia. Most likely brought over by UK bartenders working in bars here.

The ubiquity of espresso machines in Australian bars made the drink a match made in heaven for a country that takes its coffee seriously. You’ll now find an espresso martini in just about every bar in the country.

So let’s move on and tell you how to make an espresso martini of dreams.

1. The Perfect Espresso

The cocktail’s flavour depends wholly on the quality of the coffee you use when you make it. Let’s be honest, what is an espresso martini without good coffee?

Powdered rubbish just won’t cut it! If you want a martini that will blow your socks off, use the best coffee you can get your hands on.

The espresso martini kit cocktail kit comes with cold-pressed coffee from First Press. The best coffee you can get if you don’t own an espresso machine. All the aromatic flavours are captured during the unique cold-drip process.

2. High-Quality Coffee Liqueur

To master the perfect cocktail, it’s all about the ingredients and the precision with which they are combined. Mixology is an art, after all.

If you want the perfect balance of flavours, you’ll need a quality coffee liqueur.

An unfiltered coffee liqueur from the Tiny Bear distillery is included in the cocktail kit. It is made from fresh coffee beans, which have been turned into cold brew.

Strong on flavour and simple to combine with your vodka, coffee and sugar.

3. Not Too Much Sweetness

Sugar is needed to balance the bitterness of coffee’s natural flavour. But the secret to a perfect espresso martini is not to oversweeten it.

We provide the exact measurement of sugar syrup to balance with the 100ml of coffee, 100ml of vodka and 100ml of coffee liqueur.

No need to waste time boiling up sugar to make a syrup. The cocktail kit makes it speedy and easy for you to make the ultimate cocktail.

4. Vodka Shots

Small batch spirits are big on flavour and crafted by experts. That’s why we use vodka from Noble Bootleggers.

People have been known to say that you can use cheap vodka to make an espresso martini as the coffee masks the flavour. This is sacrilege to the art of the cocktail!

If you want to be blown away by your drink, you need all the ingredients to be of a high standard.

5. Ice Ice Baby

So you have the four ingredients, you’d think it would be simple now to combine them, right? Well, there, you’d be wrong.

You need to combine them in the right order. Start with the spirits and the sugar, then add ice, then put the coffee in last.

The espresso martini is best served cold. If you want to be a pro and impress your pals, chill your glasses in the freezer before serving.

There’s nothing quite like sipping on this delectable cocktail from an ice-cold glass.

6. You Gotta Get the Shake

That signature crema on the top of the espresso martini isn’t easy to achieve. You’ve got this far in your cocktail-making journey; you don’t want to look like an amateur, now do you?

Well then, you’ve gotta shake it. For at least 30 seconds! If you want the delicious creamy top, then shake it until your arms hurt.

Then serve. In your ice-cold glasses with coffee beans (which are included in your cocktail kit, by the way) as a garnish.

Boom. You just made it better than Dick did in the 80s.

Become a Connoisseur With the Espresso Martini Kit

So there you have it. The perfect martini in your very own home. You’re never going to go to a bar again, are you?

The ultimate combination of sweetness and bitterness, smooth and creamy with that little kick from coffee and buzz from the alcohol.

Share with friends or keep it for yourself; we wouldn’t blame you.

None of the faff, all of the flavour, the espresso martini kit is delivered straight through your letterbox. Get yours here.


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