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The Secret to the Perfect Martini: Our New Martini Cocktail Kit

We’ve all been there: we discover the perfect cocktail at a bar and feel compelled to recreate it at home, but it doesn’t turn out the same. Often enough, the martini is one of those.

If your martini game is lacking, it’s time to level up so home imbibing is every bit as good as it is at the bar. Try mastering it with our martini cocktail kit, which comes with everything you need to make the perfect martini to wow any guest.

What Do You Need for a Perfect Martini?

When it comes to making cocktails at home, getting the ingredients right is the key to your success. Don’t skimp and grab the cheapest liquor options. Since martinis only have three ingredients, they should all be of premium quality. You might still get a buzz with the cheap stuff, but the taste of your drink will be severely lacking.

For the perfect martini, keep your at-home bar stocked with the following ingredients:

  • Gin
  • Dry vermouth
  • Green olives in brine

You’ll also need:

  • A mixing glass, spoon and strainer
  • A chilled cocktail glass
  • A cocktail pick

How to mix a martini:

  1. Add 50ml of gin and 15ml of dry vermouth to a cocktail mixing glass
  2. Top with ice
  3. Stir for 20-30 seconds or until condensation forms on glass
  4. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
  5. Garnish with olives or a lemon twist

Martinis are simple, but take practice to master. It’s important to always use premium gin and quality vermouth, stir well with plenty of ice to get the right dilution and ice-cold temperature. Certainly never shake it!

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The Perfect Martini Cocktail Kit

There are some classic cocktails you absolutely must know how to make at home. Using a cocktail kit is the best way to get started. The ingredients are provided along with a recipe card with all the instructions you need to take the guess work out. Let’s break down the ingredients in our martini cocktail kit.

Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin

The perfect martini needs the best gin. After all, it is three-quarters of the whole cocktail! Our kit features Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin, a new bright and savoury gin from Australia’s most esteemed gin brand.

Made with cold-pressed olive oils, olive leaf tea, rosemary, bay leaf, macadamia nuts, and lemon myrtle, it has an unforgettable flavour that will transport you to the Mediterranean. The olive leaf gin is made specifically for martinis, so it’s perfect for impressing guests or just enjoying a martini for yourself.

Four Pillars is well-known and loved around the world, and they’ve got the awards to prove it. The olive leaf gin won gold at the San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition in 2020 before it was even widely released, and Four Pillars was named the Gin Producer of the Year in 2019 and 2020 by the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

If you want to mix a martini that will rival the best bartenders in town, it’s Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin for the win.

Maidenii Dry Vermouth

The second key ingredient in our martini kit is from another beloved Australian brand: Maidenii dry vermouth. Maidenii is a unique brand born from a collaboration between French winemaker Gille Lapalus and a well-respected Australian bartender Shaun Byrne. Byrne knows so much about Vermouth that he actually wrote the book on it, The Book of Vermouth.

The secret to Maidenii’s amazing vermouth is botanicals that excite the palate. They use flowers and fruits like wormwood, grapefruit, juniper, desert lime, and more. They also incorporate leaves like lemon-scented gum, rive mint, kaffir lime leaf, and more.

Finally, roots, bark, and seeds are added to increase bitterness and spice. With all of these components, Maidenii has created a well-rounded and aromatic drinking experience with their high-quality vermouth.

The flavour of the dry vermouth mixes perfectly with the Mediterranean notes in Four Pillar’s olive leaf gin, so it’s impossible to mess up a martini made with such fine ingredients.

Olives in Brine

Finally, our martini cocktail kit is finished off with green olives in brine for garnish. It may seem like a simple garnish, but everyone knows that your martini is not complete until it’s topped with olives. The saltiness of the brine adds an extra shot of flavour to complete the drink.

Bartender folklore says that you must use three olives to garnish your martini since an even number of olives is bad luck. Another easy garnish you can try is lemon peel, also known as a “twist.”

Using a Cocktail Kit

Why should you use a cocktail kit instead of purchasing the ingredients separately? Firstly, because of the sophisticated ingredients included in our kit. Purchasing them in the kit is cost-effective and gives you the perfect sample of these premium spirits.

The kit also makes it easier for the amateur at-home bartender to make the perfect martini. With just the right amount of ingredients for four servings and a detailed recipe card, it’s hard to mess it up. If you’re having guests over, you’ll wow them with the amazing drinks you made with the kit.

Become a Martini Pro in No Time

We hope you love the martini cocktail kit and its premium ingredients. We’re excited to partner with such esteemed Australian brands to bring you the perfect martini. You never have to feel intimidated by at-home drink mixing again, and your creations will rival the cocktails from the best bars in town.

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For more resources on mixing drinks, visit our blog.


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