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Gifts for Mum: 6 Fun Presents That She Really Wants

Are you looking for the perfect gift for mum to celebrate her on Mother’s Day?

News flash! Mother’s Day is on 9 May. If you want to give her something a bit more exciting than flowers, wine or chocolates, look for a gift that shows her you think outside the box.

Every mum is different and there’s no one size fits all when looking for gifts for mum, so it’s worth a little extra effort. With our help, you can find a gift your mother is going to love. Plus, when you put in lots of thought to find the perfect gift, she is certainly going to notice and appreciate it.

Read on for our gift guide for Mother’s Day and find six fun gifts for mum that she really wants.

1. Cocktail Kits: A DIY Gift For Mum

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to give your mum this upcoming Mother’s Day, check out these brilliant cocktail kits.

Cocktail kits have become all the rage with everyone keen to learn how to DIY cocktails at home, and if your mum loves cocktails, this is a fantastic gift!

Whether she prefers a Martini, Old Fashioned or wants to spice up her drink menu with a Negroni, a cocktail kit will get her mixing and sipping the perfect drink on her special day.

Our kits are packed with everything your mum needs, including premium all-Aussie craft spirits and garnishes, along with a recipe card. There’s even a QR code with a link to an online demo to perfect those bartending techniques.

2. Cocktail Barware: A Practical Present

Another great gift to give your mum this Mother’s Day is some cocktail barware.

Does your mum have the essential bar tools she needs to make cocktails at home? Even if your mother has a bar set up, she is going to love some fresh new bar tools.

Choose from a new cocktail shaker, mixing glass or some cool ice cube trays. People love receiving barware as a gift.

Cocktail barware is perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with fun drinks. If they like hosting parties or gatherings, they’re going to love getting some new barware to add to their collection.

If you’re buying mum a cocktail kit, a barware set makes the perfect bundle. Is the cocktail kit stirred or shaken? Make sure you choose the set to match the technique or just go for gold with both a mixing glass and shaker and gift her all the fancy things.

It isn’t always appropriate to give alcohol, but you can give the barware that you need to make delicious mocktails with.

3. Crystal Tumbler Set: Something That Sparkles

Speaking of new cocktail glassware, a gorgeous new crystal tumbler set is something every mother would love to receive. Choose from either highballs or old fashioned tumblers. You can’t go wrong!

Be sure to check out this Crystal Highball Tumbler Set. These crystal cut glasses were made in Italy and will make any mum swoon.

New tumblers will add a touch of class to your mother collection. She is going to love drinking out of them and they make great pieces to put out on display as well, not to mention making those cocktails look even more fancy and decadent.

4. Bottled Cocktails: Something Indulgent

Did you know you can get bar quality bottled cocktails delivered right to her door?

Mum will be obsessed with this range of pre-made cocktails. Besides being a great present, cocktails are such a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day with a delicious drink. Cheers!

A range of twelve different bottled cocktails to choose from means there’s something to suit everyone’s palate. Heck! Maybe mum would like to try a few of these flavourful drinks.

Will it be Margaritas, Mojitos or Cosmopolitans?

You’ll find our bottled cocktails come gorgeously boxed in a set of three, so you’ll be able to share. Imagine the fun she’d have if your mother loves hosting gatherings. Your mum will love adding the dainty garnishes to those cocktails and wowing her guests.

5. Coffee Table Books: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Does your mum love a recipe book? If so, she’s going to adore these books on cocktails, chockablock with delicious new recipes to try. Plus with all the gorgeous pics, mum will want them on display.

There are tons of different cocktail books you can choose from that your mother is going to love for Mother’s Day. Figure out her favourite drink and go from there.

Team up a book with a cocktail kit or some barware. Now, which book to choose? The Martini, Spritz, Three-Ingredient Cocktails, The Negroni, The Old Fashioned or maybe Session Cocktails.

At least with a recipe book it’s something mum can keep and appreciate forever.

6. Gift Card: The Simple, But Effective Mother’s Day Gift

Sometimes coming up with a gift to help celebrate mum can be a bit difficult. You might not know exactly what she wants, or she might be the woman that has everything.

Instead, you can get her one of our gift cards for any amount between $50.00-$500.00 then let her choose.

A gift card is a perfect way to give a thoughtful gift. It lets your mother pick out something that she truly wants.

Plus, you already know we have tons of amazing things to choose from. If you can’t pick something to give mum on Mother’s Day, let her decide! She will be sure to find the perfect thing, whether it is delicious cocktails, barware, a new book, or something else.

Gifts for Mum That She Will Love

As you can see, there are plenty of great gifts for mum. When you put a bit of time and effort into picking out a unique gift for Mother’s Day, your mum will notice and appreciate it.

If it’s too hard to decide, you can’t go wrong with one of our brilliant cocktail kits. Be sure to shop with us and find a gift that your mother will be sure to love!


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