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The Cocktail Shop is committed to operating in a responsible manner, environmentally, socially and financially. We aim to maximise the sustainability performance of the organisation by implementing any strategies possible that will minimise our organisation’s environmental and social impact while promoting a culture of sustainability.  

This policy covers a range of environmental management issues. 

  • Suppliers and products  
  • Product packaging and materials  
  • Production and manufacturing 
  • Logistics and transportation  
  • Energy use  
  • Office waste  
  • Alcohol  

Our company has the following procedures in place to support our organisation’s commitment to a sustainable future.

  • Avoid non-recyclable and source biodegradable or compostable waste wherever it is reasonable and legal to do so. This includes single use plastics in its marketing, packaging and product lines. 
  • Wherever possible suppliers will be sourced locally. This will support local businesses as well as reduce the environmental footprint occurred through transportation of products, equipment and supplies. 
  • Actively encourage socially and environmentally responsible consumer behaviour. Messages in marketing and communications should foster aligned public choices and attitudes towards sustainability. 
  • Utilise technology in its administration, marketing and operations of the business, opting for electronic methods of communication, materials and documents that avoid unnecessary printing.
  • Wherever possible choose to work with suppliers that value sustainability and also implement policies and practices that protect society and the environment.
  • Choose sources of renewable energy and maximise energy efficiencies to reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary consumption of natural resources.  
  • Source environmentally friendly cleaning products and solvents for use in operation, including the production process. Where harmful chemicals are necessary, ensure they are disposed of in whichever way has the least impact on society and the environment.  
  • Promote responsible drinking behaviours that minimise the potential impact of alcohol misuse.