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Stirred Cocktail Kit (Stainless Steel)


Our Stirred Cocktail Kits give you all the bar tools you need to make great cocktails at home using the stirring technique. Available in Stainless Steel or Copper.

Set includes:
• 1 Mixing Glass 600ml
• 1 Baron Hawthorne Strainer
• 1 Japanese Jigger 30/60ml
• 1 Tear Drop Bar Spoon 30cm


Place your mixing glass on a flat surface. Add liquid ingredients to the glass and top with ice. With bar spoon at the ready, hold the glass steady with one hand, then stir for about 20 seconds or until condensation forms on the glass. Place your julep or hawthorne strainer over the glass and hold with your index finger as you strain your cocktail into your serving glass.

Wash before use.
Handwashing recommended.