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Make your cocktail garnish more than just presentation. From enhancing the flavours to adding fragrance, the right cocktail garnish is as much an essential element as it is artistic flair. Keep a range of our long life garnishes on hand to add an impressive finishing touch to your cocktails.


The right garnish will liven up the flavours in your cocktail


Engage your sense of smell with a fragrant garnish and amplify taste


Give your cocktails visual wow factor with a creative garnish

The Art & Science of Cocktail Garnishing

When your cocktail is in the glass, adding a garnish is the essential final step. Your drink isn’t complete without the perfect garnish to enhance flavours, add fragrance and create visual appeal.  

To work out what type of garnish to use in your cocktail, consider the flavours in the alcohol you use – what are the botanicals in your gin or the spice in your rum? Is there a fruit flavour in your liqueur? Or to make it really easy we include a sample of our cocktail garnishes in our cocktail kits 

Plenty of iconic cocktail garnishes can be conveniently kept on hand. Bright red maraschino cherries; salty, briny olives; dehydrated citrus wheels; coffee beans and salt rims are all garnishes with a long shelf-life. 

Many cocktails call for something fresh. Imagine a Bloody Mary without a celery stalk, or a Mojito without a sprig of mint. When making cocktails that call for fresh garnishes like fruit and herbs, it’s important to plan ahead.  

If your garnish is simply designed to be ornamental, however, it doesn’t have to be edible. A brightly coloured flower or paper umbrella can add excitement and festive style.  

Some classic cocktails are served with a specific type of garnish, but sometimes it’s fun to break away from tradition. So, start channelling your inner stylist. Next time you get your fancy barware out to shake or stir, finish off with some artistic flair. Like with any type of styling, when garnishing a cocktail, a bit of creativity comes in handy.  


An essential guide for anyone making cocktails at home. Learn the tricks of the trade, from bar tools and mixing techniques, to glassware, garnishing, storing alcohol and bartender lingo. This one’s on the house, complements of The Cocktail Shop.