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Lemon Garnishes


Add a lemon garnish to your cocktails as a substitute for a fresh lemon slice or twist.  Our lemon garnishes add flavour, aroma and visual appeal to a cocktail.

Pack contains:

  • 20 Cocktail Garnishes
  • Resealable zip-lock bag
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When it comes to garnishes, the lemon slice is one of the most common, whether that’s a wheel or wedge or twist. Most cocktails are mixed with lemon juice because sour balances sweet and bitter.

To work out what type of garnish to use in your cocktail, consider the flavours in the liquor you use. What are the botanicals in your gin or the spice in your rum; or is there a fruit flavour to your liqueur? If there is a flavour or aroma you especially wish to enhance or complement, that’s your queue.

Our lemon garnishes are made from 100% Australian lemons and designed to be edible. They are lovingly handcrafted by us and vacuum sealed for maximum freshness.



Simply place your lemon garnish in or on your cocktail. Be as creative as you like with your lemon garnish and use it to give your cocktail some wow factor. Lemon garnishes can be pegged to the glass, placed in the glass, rested on top of ice or nested in other garnishes, such as fresh herbs and flowers.

Store in a cool, dry place.