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Every home bartender needs a great set of bar tools. Our range of high quality barware helps you to mix a variety of cocktails. Shake up an Espresso Martini or a Margarita. Stir down a Negroni or Martini. Master your cocktail making techniques with the right bar tools and make bar quality cocktails at home.


Everything you need to shake or stir cocktails. Master the techniques with the essential bar tools.


Our carefully curated barware kits include the four main accessories you need for shaken or stirred cocktails.


Discover high quality and stylish bar tools for the home that looks great in any kitchen or bar trolley.


Get cocktail kits, bar tools and accessories delivered to your door so you can make bar-quality cocktails at home. Shipping Australia-wide is just $10 on all orders through The Cocktail Shop.

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Like with any skill, if you’re going to master making cocktails at home you’ll need the right set of bar tools. Equipment used by bartenders have been specifically designed for the techniques of bartending. In fact, most bar tools are pretty damn unique and improvising can be messy. If you’re mixing cocktails at home, either with our cocktail kits or your own recipe, you at least need the basics.   

Mixing cocktails uses one of three techniques, stirring, shaking, or building. Then there’s adding a cocktail garnish for that final touch. Which technique you use will determine what bar tools you’ll need.  

Shaking a cocktail is a dynamic process used to blend cocktails with opaque liquid ingredients, such as juice, dairy, and egg white, or solid ingredients, such as fruit and herbs. There are three types of cocktail shakers, the Boston, the Cobbler and the French Shaker. Traditional shakers, such as the Cobbler come with an inbuilt strainer, but a Hawthorne Strainer is used with either the French or Boston Shakers.  

Bartenders stir a cocktail when all the ingredients are clear. Stirring a cocktail in a mixing glass quickly mixes and chills a cocktail that is made purely with distilled liquor. Using a Julep Strainer, a bartender will pour the drink into a chilled serving glass.  

If you’ve taken a peek behind any bar, you’ll know that professional bartenders have a plethora of shiny objects in all shapes and sizes. However, any good home bar really only needs a set of essential bartending tools.

Start with one of each of the following: Shaker, Mixing Glass, Bar Spoon, Jigger, Muddler, Hawthorne Strainer, Julep Strainer, Fine Mesh Strainer, Ice Moulds, and Citrus Press. Invest in our top ten bar tools and you’ll be mixing cocktails like a pro in no time.  


The essential guide for anyone making cocktails at home. Learn the tricks of the trade, from bar tools and mixing techniques to glassware, garnishing, storing alcohol, and bartender lingo. This one’s on the house. Complements of The Cocktail Shop.