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RCR Crystal Decanter Set


An elegant, 3 piece crystal set from RCR’s illustrious lead-free range. Perfect for serving whisky or cognac, this stylish glassware set includes decanter and two double rocks glasses. Ultra-clear and adorned with traditional leaf and star shaped cuts, this crystal decanter set is bound to make your after-dinner whisky ritual feel extra special.

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If you’ve heard the term “on the rocks”, you’ll know that it refers to spirits that are served in a short tumbler over ice. This type of glass is also called an ‘Old Fashioned glass’ in keeping with the iconic cocktail, and a ‘Rocks glass’ in reference to drinks served over ice.

Great bars know that presentation elevates the drink itself, and a good whisky deserves an excellent choice of glassware. Serve your scotch, bourbon and cognac in elegant glassware and enjoy a sense of style and sophistication.



Opera Design

Decanter Capacity: 650ml

Decanter Height: 19cm

Tumbler Capacity: 250ml

Material: Luxion crystal glass. Lead free

Made in Tuscany, Italy.

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe.

Set with decanter and two glasses. Gift box.

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