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9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley

It’s an exciting time for Australian gins. From only 28 distilleries in 2014 to over 400 in 2022, the craft spirits industry is burgeoning. And the gin revolution in Australia is real, with local gin brands taking on the World and new gin distilleries popping up across the country.

The British have had their turn, and we are ever grateful for London Dry Gin. But it is now time to sip and enjoy this country’s best, be it from Regional Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Melbourne or Sydney.

Never Never Distilling Co

McLaren Vale South Australia is best known as a wine and beer region, but for the past five years, it has put forth some of the best spirits in the country, gin especially. One of the many gin distilleries making Australia proud is Never Never Distilling Co

The distillery sits on the highest hill in McLaren Vale. Here you get to sip award-winning gins with 360-degree views of the valley and vineyards below. And it’s a view that inspires innovation with Tim Boast, head distiller at Never Never winning awards, including 2022 Master Distiller of the Year at the World Gin Awards.

Never Never Distilling Co is best known for its Triple Juniper Gin, which won Gold at San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2021, amongst other awards. Their juniper is distilled in three different ways to make a very juniper forward gin. Plus they add eight other botanicals, including orris root, angelica root, lemon peel, and the distinctive Australian pepper berry.

Yes, the juniper is definitely the star of the show at Never Never Distilling Co. And their Australian Gins make some of the best cocktails, with the Gibson Martini our pick. 

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - Never Never Triple Juniper Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: Gibson Martini  

Four Pillars Distillery

If you are drinking gin in Australia, it is thanks to these guys. Four Pillars Distillery in Healesville is one of the coolest distilleries to visit in Victoria. The recently upgraded space has tripled their capacity for guests and boasts an indoor and outdoor gin garden and a bar.

Set in the picturesque Yarra Valley, the team at Four Pillars have been making gin the modern Australian way for ten years. Although their brand portfolio is extensive, their grape-based Bloody Shiraz gin is a show-stopper. 

The famous craft distillery has won too many awards to mention. From Distiller of the Year and Brand Innovator of the Year at the World Gin Awards 2022 to International Gin Producer of the Year, two years running – International Wine & Spirits Competition 2019 & 2020 and Olive Leaf Gin – Best Signature Gin at World Gin Awards 2021 for its use of olive oil.

Our pick is the Olive Leaf Gin. It’s savoury and bright, perfect for a Dry Martini. Double down on the olives and you have the perfect apéro hour drink. This one is the star in our Martini Cocktail Kit

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: Dry Martini 

Seven Seasons Green Ant Gin

Gin distillers are renowned for their crafty ways with botanical ingredients that were traditionally used as medicine. A collaboration between Indigenous-owned Something Wild Beverage Company and Adelaide Hills Distillery introduced the use of green ants in the gin distilling process. 

Green ants were traditionally used as bush tucker by First Australians. But everyone who has tried it knows how delicious the Green Ant Gin is with the lemony flavour from green ants adding a zing.

This uniquely Australian gin won the Gold Medal at San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2021. The intense citrusy flavour is best combined with tonic or also makes a fabulous Negroni.

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - The Cannabis Co Myrcene Hemp Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: Negroni

Archie’s Rose Distilling Co

Hailing from Rosebery, Sydney, the famous distillery has been making and serving top-quality spirits since 2014. Archie’s Rose Distilling Co is the most awarded distillery in Australia. Besides producing some of the best gins in Australia, they are known for their award-winning rye whisky and vodka.

Their Signature Dry Gin won World’s Best International Contemporary Gin at the American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Awards (USA) 2021. The iconic Australian gin is bright and zesty, packed with Aussie botanicals, including Dorrigo pepper leaf and lemon myrtle. It’s perfect for a Tom Collins cocktail.

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: Tom Collins

Poor Tom’s Gin Hall

Set in the heart of Marrickville’s brewery trail, Poor Toms is the perfect place for a pitstop and a break from all that beer. Founded by two housemates who had a great love for gin, the distillery opened at a time when there were no distilleries in Sydney. Today, Poor Toms is everything but poor. 

Poor Tom’s headquarters guarantee a fun night out with a range of deliciously crafted gin-based cocktails and experimental blends of the like. Their famous Sydney Dry Gin is a multi-award winner, and rightly so. 

Sweet, floral, and fruity, Sydney Dry Gin is distilled with ten botanicals, including classic juniper, granny smith apples, and strawberry gum leaf, with some cardamom, and cinnamon and cubeb pepper that gives it just a hint of spice. 

If you have never tried Australian gins before (you are missing out on a lot!), this is a great one to start with. Perfect for gin & tonics, but ideal in a classic Southside cocktail.

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: Southside

Patient Wolf Distilling Co

Patient Wolf Distilling Co produces world-class gin defined by their innovative distilling process. Located in the back streets of Southbank in Melbourne’s bustling CBD, their distillery is worth a visit any time you need to quench your thirst. The 220L Müller copper still, custom-built in Germany, is a breathtaking addition to the bar, giving you eye candy that makes it hard to take your eyes off. 

Summer Thyme Gin is a crowd favourite, packed with lemon zest and refreshing green flavours, ideal for hot summer days and nights chilling by the pool. So swap your prosecco for Summer Thyme Gin in a Lemon Spritz and let the magic begin.

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - Patient Wolf Summer Thyme Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: Lemon Spritz

Brogan’s Way

This boutique distillery in Inner-city Melbourne tells the story about Brogan and her love for gin and distilling in general. Brogan’s Way opened in 2018 and has become a popular spot for Sunday sessions, gin tastings, distillery tours and cocktail making classes. Here, gin-making is done using unique Australian botanicals and loads of love.

The extensive selection of gin, mixers, mixtures and gin cocktails will blow your mind. Gin lovers will not be able to resist the Royal Blood Gin. Savoury and dry with a hint of citrus, this is the perfect mix for a Martini or a Garden Party cocktail, which we’d serve at a special occasion, any time of the year. 

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - Brogans Way Royal Blood Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: Garden Party

Imbue Distillery

Located in suburban Melbourne, Imbue Distillery was founded by husband and wife duo, Mel and Mick Sheard. In 2019, the couple teamed up with friends Nikki and Luke. Collectively they share over 60 years of experience in food, retail and catering. 

With their deep knowledge and experience, the team of four hand-crafts some of the country’s best gin and gin liqueurs, pushing the boundaries to create new taste experiences.

A must-try from Imbue distillery is their inaugural grape-based Suburban Gin. A spicy and nutty aroma with prickly pear notes, grassy fennel and blackberry undertones. This gin is best concocted as a French 75 in a chilled flute topped up with champagne. Cheers, or santé as the French would say.

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - Imbue Distillery Suburban Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: French 75

The Cannabis Co

Just when we thought gin distilleries had used all the unique sources of Australian soil, The Cannabis Co dared to dream bigger. By adding terpenes (cannabis essence) to the distilling process, they created the world’s first cannabis-infused gin, The Myrcene Hemp Gin.  

Distilled with cardamom, coriander, liquorice, lemon, vanilla and hemp, it’s a gin jam packed with flavour. While the juniper notes are strong, it’s the earthy hemp flavours that will get you. Best combined with a dry tonic for a G&T, it also works well in classic cocktails like a negroni or dirty martini.

The Myrcene Hemp Gin was only produced in a small batch of 300 bottles. 

9 Must-Have Australian Gins for the Drinks Trolley - The Cannabis Co Myrcene Hemp Gin | The Cocktail Shop

Cocktail suggestion: Dirty Martini

Final thoughts

Though relatively new to the global gin industry, there is no doubt Australia is climbing up the ladder fast. With award-winning distilleries like Four Pillars, Never Never Distilling Co and Archie Rose, Australian gins are undoubtedly making a name for itself in the gin industry. 

Native botanicals that are unique to Australia give Aussie gins an edge, and innovative distilling produces such a vast array of choices for the drinks trolley. Why not level up your gin cocktail making game with a few options.


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