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Subscription boxes have been a big thing since about 2010, and today, getting a box of something delivered on a regular basis is just the norm – everything from healthy mid-week meals to men’s’ razors and sex toys! So, since you’ve been doing it for wine, but we know you really love cocktails, we decided it was time Australia had a subscription box for that. The Cocktail Shop is putting cocktails in a box and shipping them straight to your door.
What’s not to love about all the hard work being done for you, eliminating the hassle of shopping: commuting, parking, trading hours and the dreaded second trip when you get home and realise you’ve forgotten an ingredient. But there’s more to getting that parcel delivered to your door than the convenience and sheer excitement. The humble subscription box delivers massive value from ‘subscribe and save’ discounts to rewards, special member-only offers and free stuff. Then there’s the joy of discovering and sampling a variety of premium, local products you might not otherwise be able to afford or find.
Become a member and you’ll get a different cocktail kit filled with everything you need to mix a delicious, new cocktail recipe at home, including ingredients, instructions, garnishes and at least four cocktails per pack, automatically delivered to your door once a month. Plus, with your membership you can shop exclusive member sales and snap up bargains on barware and other goodies. As if that wasn’t enough our cocktail subscriptions include rewards and freebies, plus tips and hints to get you shaking and stirring like a pro.
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As a member you’ll receive special rewards when you refer a friend to The Cocktail Shop. Simply use your unique code to invite your friends via social media or email, and if they join you’ll be rewarded.


An essential guide for anyone making cocktails at home. Learn the tricks of the trade, from bar tools and mixing techniques, to glassware, garnishing, storing alcohol and bartender lingo. This one’s on the house.