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Princess Fiona


Get tropical with juicy pineapple, coconut and a lemon citrusy twist, finished with a delicious hint of vanilla. Garnish with fresh mint and a dehydrated lemon wheel to enhance the aromatics of this sensational cocktail.

Pack contains 3 x 100ml bottled cocktails + lemon garnishes

About this cocktail

Princess Fiona is a signature creation by the team at BarNone, a secret refuge for cocktail enthusiasts.

BarNone came to be in 2004 when its owner, Michael Cotter, was inspired by a visit to the U.S.A. Cocktails were making a comeback and the prohibition-style speakeasies of San Francisco, New York and New Orleans captured his imagination with their bartending prowess and cool, underground vibe.

With no patience for minimalism, BarNone launched with an ‘all of the drinks’ philosophy. The bar’s famous ‘Cocktail Bible’ showcased such an exhaustive list of options that even the most hesitant could be tempted to try something new.

Since then, Melbourne’s bar scene has flourished. Bars have come and gone, but BarNone has endured. Once only served on the comfy lounges in this hidden basement bar, a dizzying range of delicious cocktails can now be enjoyed at home.


Vanilla vodka, sour apple liqueur, pineapple, cloudy apple, fresh lemon and coconut.

ABV 12%


Best served chilled either by using your cocktail shaker or simply by refrigerating first. Pour into a tulip glass and garnish with fresh mint and a lemon wheel.

1 approx standard drinks

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