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Classic Negroni


A perfect balance of sweet and bitter, you’ll pick up herbaceous, spicy and fruity flavours in this iconic, spirit forward aperitif. Traditionally consumed before a meal to stimulate the appetite or after a meal to stimulate digestion.

Pack contains 3 x 100ml bottled cocktails + orange garnishes

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About this cocktail

In 1919 at the Casoni Bar in Florence, Count Camillo Negroni asked his friend, Forsco Scarselli to make him a stronger drink than the popular Americano. The bartender replaced soda with gin and added an orange twist. At that moment, the Negroni was born. Since then, the cocktail has become known as the perfect definition of balance and simplicity.


London dry gin, Campari and Antica Formula sweet vermouth

ABV 22%


Refrigerate first and/or use the stirred method to chill. To serve, pour into a tumbler and garnish with an orange twist.

1.75 approx standard drinks