VEVE Aromatic Aperitive


Lovingly handcrafted for mixing rituals and drinking pleasures, VEVE Aromatic Aperitive is a magical concoction of botanicals that make it a perfectly balanced, sweet and bitter aperitive. Enjoy equally in a cocktail, over ice or with tonic. Take your Negroni to another level or mix the ultimate spritz.

Size: 500ml

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In recent years, Australia has adopted the European tradition of drinking an aperitif (French) or aperitivo (Italian) before a meal to stimulate the appetite. The aperitive (English) is a light spirit made with bittering agents, which is said to open the palate.

With very few local aperitives on the market, Melbourne Cocktails and Master Mixologist, Shaun Byrne of Maidenii, Marionette Liqueurs and Cap & Bells, decided to join forces and produce VEVE Aromatic Aperitive to offer a uniquely Australian alternative.

Coming to life in a Collingwood distillery, VEVE is carefully hand crafted to produce a superior cocktail ingredient using a magical concoction of botanicals that includes gentian, angelica, rosella, cardamom, orange, kaffir lime and lemon myrtle. Producing such a spirit is much like the alchemy of the Middle Ages concerned with finding the elixir of life.

For mixing rituals and drinking pleasures.

ABV: 20%


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