Maidenii Dry Vermouth 750ml


A zesty blend of Australian native and imported botanicals, Maidenii Dry Vermouth has a complex flavour profile and herbaceous aromas that make it perfect for cocktails. Take your Martini to the next level.

Size: 750ml

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Maidenii is the product of a collaboration between French winemaker, Giles Lapalus, and Melbourne mixologist, Shaun Bryne. Produced at Sutton Grange Winery in Victoria, Maidenii is about old world meets new.

The team use viognier as a base and a mix of botanicals including wormwood, strawberry gum, river mint, sea parsley, wattle seed, yarrow, nigella and gentian, as well as other leaves, flowers, fruits, herbs, seeds, spices and roots to produce a Dry Vermouth with a pale straw colour. Herbal, floral and fruit driven, Maidenii is smooth and easy to drink. It can easily enhance a dry martini as much as give vibrancy to a spritz.

Made specifically with the perfect Martini in mind, Maidenii Dry Vermouth has become a bartender favourite in great cocktail bars around the globe.

ABV: 19%


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