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Wheat Drinking Straws


Skip on plastic and paper waste and reduce environmental impact with these eco-friendly, disposable straws. Made from wheat stems, Whatawheat drinking straws are an all natural, zero-waste alternative. 100% Biodegradable. Compostable. Gluten-free. Hygienic. Chemical Free.

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Reduce your environmental impact with Whatawheat drinking straws.

These disposable straws are all natural, meaning they are sustainable as well as chemical free. This makes them a great alternative to plastic and paper.

They are also a more hygienic option than reusable straws made of glass or metal that must be scrubbed and disinfected inside between each use.

Perfect for sipping from highball glasses at 20cm long.

Zero Waste

Wheat stems are a byproduct of wheat production, making them zero waste.


Sustainable. 100% Biodegradable. Compostable.


Naturally in the shape of drinking straws, the wheat stems are sterilised and packaged. No other processes or chemicals involved.

Gluten Free

Naturally gluten free.

Heat Resistant

The only straw that can withstand hot drinks.

Don’t Go Soggy

When dry, wheat straws are brittle and become flexible when exposed to moisture as the fibres rehydrate. Unlike paper straws, they never get soggy.

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