Teardrop Bar Spoon 30cm (Copper)


Our Teardrop Bar Spoon is the ultimate tool for stirring cocktails and is a handy implement for many other cocktail making needs. Available in Stainless Steel or Copper.

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Use our Teardrop Bar Spoon 30cm to stir a cocktail in a mixing glass. A bar spoon has many uses behind the bar, making it an essential tool for anyone making cocktails, stirring or not. With its sleek design, convenient 30cm length and twisted handle, its design makes it one of the most comfortable and assists with the stirring action.


For stirring cocktails, hold the spoon between your thumb, index and middle finger with your fingers pointing down towards the glass. Rotate the spoon in a circular motion using your thumb and two fingers.

Wash before use.
Handwashing recommended.


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