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Japanese Jigger 30/60 (Copper)


Our Japanese Jigger gives you handy measures in the ergonomic hourglass shape professional bartenders love. Available in Stainless Steel or Copper.

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Use our double side Japanese Jigger to accurately measure ingredients for a cocktail. The handy three measures with etched fill lines in 25ml, 35ml and 50ml make it super convenient. With its deeper well, the Japanese Jigger is less inclined to spill, and its streamlined look makes it ultra-popular.


Hold your jigger between your index and middle finger and flip depending on the side you wish to use to measure. Pour liquid ingredients into the jigger using the etched lines to measure, then pour from your jigger into your mixing glass or shaker.

Wash before use.
Handwashing recommended.

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