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Diamond Mixing Glass 700ml


Make stirred cocktails in style with this Weighted Diamond Cut Mixing Glass. Its 700ml capacity allows you to mix up to four cocktails at one time.

Capacity: 700ml


Also known as a Japanese Yarai Mixing Glass, this style of mixing glass has a seamless, diamond cut pattern etched into the glass. It is weighted to sturdy the glass during use. With a 700ml capacity, our Diamond Mixing Glass means you can mix up to four cocktails at one time. Use the mixing glass to make drinks made with the stirring technique, such as Negroni, Old Fashioned, Boulevardier, Martini and Manhattan.


Place your mixing glass on a flat surface. Add liquid ingredients to the glass and top with ice. With bar spoon at the ready, hold the glass steady with one hand, then stir for about 20 seconds or until condensation forms on the glass. Place your julep or hawthorne strainer over the glass and hold with your index finger as you strain your cocktail into your serving glass.

Wash before use.
Handwashing recommended.

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