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How Cocktail Kits Became The Hottest Corporate Gift Of 2021

After such a wild year, businesses have been seeking out unique corporate gifts. And it’s no wonder, as social distancing kept people apart, thoughtful gifts and deliveries kept everyone connected. Now, in the lead up to Christmas, businesses are planning fun and memorable corporate gifts for their customers and employees. 

We’ve all had those token gifts that end up on a shelf collecting dust or unceremoniously regifted. In an age where brands need to stand out and show how much they think outside the square, it’s more important than ever that corporate gifts are original. How you say thank you to a customer or reward an employee for their hard work and loyalty through a turbulent 2021, has to hit the mark.

So, what are the hottest corporate gifts of 2021? Cocktail kits!

Check out how cocktail kits became the most popular corporate gift of 2021 and why you should stock up for the holiday season now.

A year of online catch ups and cocktails 

With lockdowns making socialising and shopping impossible, cocktail kits became a hit in the business world. Keeping the team together meant finding new and novel ways of catching up and maintaining company culture. 

When Zoom fatigue started setting in, those that could think outside the box discovered that sending cocktail kits to the team for a virtual happy hour lifted people’s spirits. The fun of mixing cocktails and then enjoying a drink together was interactive enough to keep people engaged and energised. Before long, work get-togethers online became the highlight of your week.

And it wasn’t just businesses shaking things up, making cocktails at home became the biggest trend of 2021. In an era where pubs and bars were closed, everyone was looking for ways to bring the party home and liven up an average night. 

Cocktail making kits have made it simple and easy to learn to make great cocktails at home, taking the guesswork out of it and ensuring that the end result tasted perfect. People quickly discovered that playing bartender for the night wasn’t so bad and also had its perks. 

Covid has been a great teacher. It might have made it impossible for groups to meet at the pub for a drink, but it didn’t stop people from enjoying a cocktail or great dinner. It just goes to show how resourceful we can be. From online trivia to murder mystery parties, we’ve done it all while toasting with your favorite cocktails via Zoom.

Corporate gift ideas to get people in the spirit

For businesses looking to reward and thank staff and customers, cocktail kits are set to be one of the trendiest corporate gifts this year. Forget the wine or hamper, in 2021 businesses are shaking things up and having some fun. But why? 

It’s no secret. Covid-19 made people bored. According to The Conversation, it also intensified FOMO (fear of missing out). Moreover, pandemic boredom had consumers seeking humour and excitement, which has had a flow on effect with brands looking for more ways to stand out. 

With Christmas holidays just around the corner, you should be preparing now for this season’s corporate gifts. It’s no secret that the boom in eCommerce, coupled with the spread of covid through essential workplaces, has left the entire shipping industry reeling. According to Australia Post there’s no end in sight to the backlog, at least not between now and Christmas, so making sure that your corporate gifts are ordered early and ready to go, will be a 2021 imperative.

The Cocktail Shop has an easy bulk order process and perks for our corporate customers. With cocktail kits set to be the most popular present of 2021, it’s a great time now to get those prezzie deliveries scheduled in. 

Nailing the office Kris Kringle 

For those looking to have the coolest Secret Santa gift in the office, look no further than a cocktail kit. Everyone has a cocktail they love, it’s just a matter of choosing to suit their taste. 

If your co-worker or employee has a James Bond crush or is always talking about how much they love a martini, a Martini Cocktail kit will surely impress. The kit includes everything you need to make four Martinis, dry or dirty, with local Australian ingredients, including: 

  • 200ml Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin;
  • 100ml Maidenii Dry Vermouth;
  • Olives in Brine; and
  • A recipe card complete with a QR code that links to an online demo.

Do they like whisky, gin or vodka? Are they a sweet or boozy type? After all the practice they’ve likely had throughout the year, making cocktails at home, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Check these options out:  

  • Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit
  • Tom Collins Cocktail Kit
  • Americano Cocktail Kit
  • Negroni Cocktail Kit
  • Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit

For a wider selection of cocktail kits, browse our full range here. Depending on your Kris Kringle budget, adding one of these delicious boozy slices is sure to get the team talking. 

Spirited festive fun – office Christmas cocktail parties 

In the blink of an eye, it’s Christmas. Bet you never imagined that a year where we had so much more time on our hands could go so fast. 

While Australia slowly opens up again, businesses are faced with the big questions. When will we return to the office? How will we balance a mix of remote and onsite working? Do we have a face-to-face Christmas party? 

For those having face to face events, the office Christmas party may look different this year. Due to social distancing, density limits and masks, end of year celebrations might be more subdued. Good news, perhaps, for those prone to getting a bit too debaucherous at the office Christmas party. 

A less silly season might mean more reputations intact. It also means more to spend on a little more quality and sophistication. Spicing up the Christmas party could simply require a fun theme and cocktails made by a real bartender. Why not end the year with a bang?!

But with so many businesses still uncertain, there’s sure to be lots of online events in the pipeline. All we can say is, don’t forget the cocktails! Our cocktail kits have exactly enough ingredients to mix up 3-4 drinks each, which is just enough for a good time without the next-day regrets.

Working from home in the new normal 

In the beginning, when everyone was forced to head home to work remotely, they never imagined it would become their “new normal”. Now it is, virtual meetings and team building are here to stay.

Keeping staff motivated through all sorts of interactive activities is not only necessary in the future post-Covid world, but good business practice. Plus building a great company culture usually includes spoiling your colleagues or employees on their special days. Birthdays, work anniversaries and farewells deserve a celebration. So beyond lockdowns and Christmas, keep those cocktail kits coming. Your staff will thank you for it! 


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