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7 Kinds of People Who Would Love Cocktail Kits as Gifts

We have once again reached that time of year. It’s time to shop for gifts for your loved ones. But it is so hard to find a gift that is the perfect combination of useful and fun.

This holiday season, cocktail kits are the go-to gift for everyone on your list. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for a list of seven types of people that would love to receive a cocktail making kit this holiday season.

 1. The Gardener in Your Life

Do you have a friend or a family member with a particularly green thumb? Perhaps their garden is teeming with cocktail-friendly herbs like lavender or mint. Or maybe they grow fruits and vegetables like jalapenos or beets that make for delicious infusions.

A cocktail kit is a great gift for an avid gardener because it allows them to add a new dimension to one of their favourite hobbies. There are many cocktail recipes that call for herbs outright, or use bitters or infusions. There’s a certain satisfaction one gets when they can pluck something from their garden to make for the perfect cocktail.

And of course, giving a gardener a cocktail kit allows them to plan out the next growing season with their favourite cocktails in mind. It’s likely that they will be using this gift all year long.

2. Cocktail Kits for Coffee Lovers

But first, coffee. We all know someone who simply can’t function without their morning latte. If that sentence made you think of someone in particular, then we have the perfect gift for them.

Coffee-focused cocktail kits can turn a morning espresso habit into a winning evening libation. An espresso martini kit is the perfect holiday gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Your friends will thank you for this scrumptious combination of vodka, drip coffee, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup. Don’t forget to garnish with a few coffee beans.

3. For the Frequent Flyer

A cocktail kit is a perfect gift for someone in your life who travels a lot. If they’re up in the air every week for work, it is likely that travelling has become somewhat monotonous. Break through the boring by giving them a cocktail kit for the ride.

A cocktail kit that includes bitters, syrups, and garnishes will fit perfectly into a personal bag or carry on. All your loved one has to do is ask the flight attendant for a glass and perhaps some ice. A cocktail kit will allow your beloved to become an expert sky bartender.

If the recipient of your gift travels routinely, it is best to determine which airline they fly. Different airlines have varying regulations about how much liquid passengers can bring with them on the plane.

4. Cocktail Making Kits for the Sweet Tooth

Does the person you are shopping for have a sweet tooth? Then a cocktail kit may be the perfect gift for them. Simply choose a kit with a syrup or liqueur, and you’ll be all set.

Our recommendation is the Tom Collins. A simple combination of gin, triple sec, soda water and lemon bitters makes for a tangy, but sweet treat.

5. The DIY Fanatic

We all know someone who is a DIY (do it yourself) wizard. These people don’t like to buy things pre-made, they like to make things themselves. They are creative, and they like to experiment.

If this sounds like someone you know, you might want to put a cocktail kit onto your holiday list. A cocktail kit shows people how to assemble a great cocktail, while still letting them get creative with the details.

Cocktail kits are likely to unlock a whole new activity for your DIY friend. Let’s be honest, once you learn the basic recipes, you can get as creative as you like with your own personal bar. Let the experimenting begin.

6.  Cocktail Kits for the History Lover

Is one of your loved ones an aficionado of all things historical? Many people love learning about the history of whatever it is they’re doing.

Fortunately for you, almost every type of alcohol has a long and interesting history. On top of that, cocktails almost always have a backstory behind their name and usage.

So this summer, get your favourite history buff a cocktail kit for a libation that has a particularly fascinating origin story. We recommend the Old Fashioned, the king of all whisky cocktails.

And to really take your gift above and beyond, pair an Old Fashioned cocktail kit with a book about the drink’s history. Pick up a copy of “The Old Fashioned: The Story of the World’s First Classic Cocktail, with Recipes and Lore” by Robert Simonson, here.

7. The Worker Bee

You know exactly who we are talking about–that one friend who is always on the clock. They’ve worked hard to get to where they are, and we know you appreciate them for it. But this holiday season, invite them to reward themselves with a well-deserved cocktail.

Buying a cocktail kit for your favourite worker bee is a great way to help them relax and celebrate. They will be happy they have you as a friend.

Your Holiday Gift List is Finished

We’re getting into that time of year when everyone starts scrambling for gifts. But you won’t have to worry, because you now have perfect cocktail kits for everyone you love. We hope that you all find reasons to clink your glasses together and “cheers” this holiday season.

Still thirsty? Check out our blog for more libation-related advice.


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